Balcony Corner Suite 210

Please relax in the terrace living room with a superb view.

In the living room, there are tea caddies and iron kettles, and works by local artists from Awaji Island. A collection of tea cups, art, and other works by artists from all over Japan.
It has a dining table.
Tea and coffee brewed with hot water boiled in an iron kettle that is a little different from usual Please enjoy at your favorite time.

In addition, the bedroom has a clean interior based on earth colors, and Japanese paper and A calm space using Japanese materials such as kumiko.
the bathroom is It has an open design that allows you to fully enjoy the extraordinary, and next to the bathtub If you open the sliding door, you can enjoy the view that Anaga boasts spreading out on the back of the terrace. It is possible to take a bath while looking at it.
A resort where you can enjoy an extraordinary experience surrounded by beautiful nature and sophisticated spaces stay.
This is the birth of a suite room where you can enjoy such a comfortable stay.


■ Balcony Corner Suite Room 210,
From the perspective of using the outdoor balcony facility with peace of mind Preschoolers are not allowed to accompany them.
* Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) is available free of charge.
*All rooms are non-smoking.
 Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



Approximate room size 90.0m2