Privacy Policy

Hotel Anaga complies with all laws and regulations regarding the collection of personal information and diligently maintains a system to collect personal information to ensure that it is properly used and safeguarded, as outlined in the principles stated below.


1.Personal Information Acquisition

Hotel Anaga collects the following personal information.

  1. Name, Name (furigana), Date of birth, Address, Telephone number, Email address,Name and Address of company or place of employment, and position or post.
  2. The customer’s conditions of use

2.Personal Information Usage

Hotel Anaga uses Personal Information strictly for the purposes stated below.

  1. For customer management and to offer various services etc.
  2. For send advertising material etc. on business activities for customers.
  3. For marketing or product development.

3.Hotel Anaga provides the absolute minimum Personal Information necessary in the following circumstances.

  1. To offer services etc
  2. The disclosure and sharing of information with a contracted business which has concluded a confidentiality agreement with us in order to operate and maintain our webpage and customer information.
  3. When releasing information with the customer’s consent.
  4. When cooperating with a formal legal investigation by a public organisation, such as the police or law courts.
  5. When the customer, Hotel Anaga or a third party experiences a grave and dire emergency.

4.Protecting Personal Information

Hotel Anaga is making efforts to prevent the leakage, loss, falsification or unauthorized access to Personal Informationby appointing an officer to oversee the protection and management of all Personal Information.

5.Disclosure, Revision and Erasure of Personal Information

Hotel Anaga will comply with requests by guests to disclose, revise or erase all Personal Information upon confirmation of identity.

6.Inquiries regarding the collection of Personal Information.

Guests with inquiries regarding the collection of Personal Information should contact Hotel Anaga’s Accommodation Division.