Spa &Treatment

Spa &Treatment

Amidst the richness of nature, caressed by the breezes, the sea and the light,
bathe in the VALMONT philosophy, a synergy of beauty and the senses.

Spa &Treatment

A place of purity

A refined yet subtle place of beauty welcomes you,
with the rhythm of the waves, gentle light and sweet birdsong,
to rejuvenate your body and soul, and connect to your natural self.

Spa &Treatment

The wings of a butterfly

A beauty method from VALMONT, the renowned Swiss spa.
With hands as gentle as the wings of a butterfly
to increase your energy flow and awaken your consciousness,
to bring forth your inner glow and vitality.


A serene space embraced by nature offering personal skin treatment and care. Treat yourself to the very best skin care while rejuvenating your body and mind in luxurious resort surroundings.

Treatment Room

Reservation 10:00-21:00
Treatment 8:00-23:00

Couples and friends may share a room (1 room can accommodate 2 people).

Original Treatment

VALMONT, the Swiss spa with over 100 years of tradition.

Beginning in 1905 as a simple clinic with accommodation overlooking the scenic Lake Geneva in Switzerland, the Valmont Clinic is now a world-leader in the field of medicine for introducing DNA technology into skin care treatment. With products incorporating their own naturally cultivated plant extracts and other pure ingredients, and their own unique treatment philosophy, they appeal to celebrities and royal families around the world.

Anti-ageing results you can see.

Valmont are unique in their pursuit of a highly sophisticated skin care, offering treatment for skin stressed and troubled with age by restoring that inner glow and youthful radiance. Visit our salon and resort for a treatment you will both feel and see.

The highly popular Prime Renewing Pack

Renowned for giving that ‘Valmont face’, the world best-selling Prime Renewing Pack quickly restores an inner glow to troubled skin. With its much-loved rose fragrance, the Prime Renewing Pack treatment is the most requested course at our salon.

Le Club des V35

An exclusive club of first-class hotels and spas, limited to 35 members worldwide, offering the premier Valmont treatment. Hotel Anaga is the only authorized facility in Japan, and a proud V35 member.

Le Club des V35



Specially selected glacial water from the Swiss alps with its ideal mineral balance is just one of the ingredients used in Valmont products.