Cadeau de la Mer

The joy of dining together.

Our recipes are from the sea and the soil.
From the tenderly cultivated vegetables
to the fish raised in strong sea swells.
Delicate textures and subtle flavors
dramatized with sauces and cooking styles.
For your dining pleasure.


And please consult our sommelier regarding drinks.
A single glass can enrich both aroma and taste
to enhance the harmony of flavors
and captivate the senses.
A chance encounter of unbounded delight.


Cadeau de la Mer

Named for its ‘Gifts from the Sea’
this French restaurant presents the finest of locally-sourced ingredients from Awaji Island under a superb vista of sky and sea.


Groups and families welcome.

Ground Floor, Main Building    
Breakfast AM7:00 to AM10:00 Last Order
Lunch AM11:30 to PM13:30 Last Order
Dinner PM17:30 to PM19:30 Last Order
Exclusive private room

Exclusive private room

For any occasion, from celebrations and reunions, to birthdays and anniversaries, or even as a present to yourself.
An exclusively private room with your own selective menu is available for your pleasure.